No plastic in Kurkure: Rumors dispelled

Published: 30th July 2009
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People who say there is plastic in Kurkure need to reverse their words a bit. Kurkure is in plastic (plastic packet obviously) but there is no plastic in Kurkure.

Kurkure, my favorite snack food brand was caught in rough weather for some time, but good sense prevailed soon enough.We all know that the ingredients that go into the preparation of Kurkure are those that are used for home food preparation. Ingredients include rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, edible oil, salt, spices, condiments and flavors. Even the oil that is used for making Kurkure is rice bran oil, rich in low saturated fat.

Kurkure is a FritoLay product, coming from the stable of PepsiCo India. A huge brand known worldover need to succumb to tactics that stir rumors like Kurkure burning or Kurkure plastic. The manufacture and packaging of Kurkure are virtually untouched by human hands. Kurkure burning and Kurkure plastic have just one answer: they are hogwash, lies and stupid rumors.

I have even tried burning Kurkure and I have found out that any carbohydrate based food product with 30 percent oil content will react in the same manner. It just gives an illusion of burning but Kurkure does not burn nor there is any plastic in Kurkure.

What burns in Kurkure is my desire to have a second helping of another packet!

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